Tips For Taking A Child With Special Needs To The Doctor

When your child has special needs, you must take those needs into account in every aspect of your life. This includes making and attending doctor's appointments. Although pediatricians and their staff should have a fair amount of experience working with children similar to your own, there are still a few things you'll want to do, as a parent, to make sure the appointment goes smoothly.

1. Book an early morning appointment.

Doctors' offices usually start off on-schedule, but as the day goes on, they sometimes get backed up and late. You don't want your child to have to wait any longer than necessary in the waiting room. So schedule an appointment as early in the morning as possible. Your child will likely also be best-rested at this time, so they will have a little more patience through the appointment.

2. Visit a new office beforehand.

If you are visiting a new pediatrician's office, you might want to stop by beforehand, without your child, and take a look around. Knowing where the waiting room is, which hallways you need to walk down, and what the waiting room layout is can allow you to more easily guide your child on the day of the appointment.

3. Fill out paperwork beforehand.

Having to fill out paperwork while watching any child is difficult enough, let alone a child with special needs. If the doctor's office does not point you to paperwork you can print out and fill out beforehand, call and ask for it. This way you can just hand the papers to the receptionist when you arrive without worrying about trying to write while also watching your child.

4. Talk to your child beforehand.

Before the appointment, talk your child through what will happen. Explain what will happen at the appointment and that you will be right there with them along the way. Gauge your explanations according to your child's age and knowledge level.

5. Bring a helper.

If you fear you will have trouble holding your child, keeping them calm, and also conversing with the pediatrician, see if there is another adult who is willing to come to your child's appointment with you. This does not have to be their other parent. An aunt or uncle, friend from work, or grandparent can help.

With the tips above, your child's pediatric appointment will be a smoother experience. If you have any lingering concerns, feel free to call the doctor and ask.

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