3 Things To Know About Hearing Loops

Hearing problems can make it difficult for the hearing impaired to enjoy public events. A hearing aid might not work properly in a crowded setting, or the size and shape of the venue might make it challenging to calibrate hearing equipment. The installation of a hearing loop can offer a simple solution for the hearing impaired in public or private venues.

If you are thinking about installing a hearing loop on your premises, there are some important things to know if you want your new system to be a success.

1. Have the Hearing Loop Tested By a Hearing Aid User On-Site

When you schedule the installation of your hearing loop, you should also make arrangements to have someone who relies on a hearing aid on site as well. The hearing impaired individual should be familiar with hearing loops and how they work. This will ensure that the individual has the knowledge needed to test your hearing loop properly.

A real-life test while the installer is still in your building will give you the ability to make any adjustments needed to maximize the clarity of your hearing loop's audio.

2. Hearing Loops Work Best With Earset Microphones

If performers and presenters regularly use microphones to communicate with the audience in your venue, you will need to invest in some new microphones that are compatible with your hearing loop system.

A handheld microphone will only activate the hearing loop if it is held close to the mouth of the speaker. Most speakers have a tendency to turn their heads or move the microphone away from their mouths while on stage.

Providing earset microphones that don't require the use of hands can help eliminate a lot of problems when it comes to the future operation of your hearing loop.

3. Looped Areas Can Be Limited

It can be quite costly to install a hearing loop throughout your entire venue, especially if the venue is large in size. Instead of wiring the entire space, you may consider installing a hearing loop in a designated section only.

You can clearly identify these areas to those that might be hearing impaired and direct them to be seated in the looped area. Installing a hearing loop in a small section will allow you to accommodate your hearing impaired guests while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs.

There are many things to consider when installing a new hearing loop. Contact a hearing loop installer to learn more about adding hearing loop services to your venue in the future.

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