Tips For Being Supportive Of A Partner With Erectile Dysfunction

Men of all ages may face erectile dysfunction, and it's something that can sadly cause a lot of shame and frustration for men. They may feel alone in their struggle. If your partner is experiencing erectile dysfunction, consider these tips to help them face the problem and feel better about the situation.

Play Down the Importance of the Issue at First

Since most guys have some issues with erections at some point in their lives, one or two incidents may not mean that your partner has erectile dysfunction. However, that can be the start of recognizing what may be ongoing erectile dysfunction. This may be terrifying for a guy to experience at first, so try to play down the situation. Simply suggest that you do something else together or explain that you will enjoy pleasure in another way that night. 

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Talk to your partner about your needs. Let him know what you need during this time in your relationship. Also, ask open-ended questions to better understand what he is going through. Understanding your partner can make it easier to deal with the problem. He will feel closer to you when you understand him, too. 

Some questions you may want to ask include: 

  • What would help you feel better right now?

  • How do you wish your doctors would handle this?

  • What's the most painful part of this for you?

  • What do you need to hear?

You may want to ask follow-up questions as your partner opens up about his feelings about erectile dysfunction.

Encourage Your Partner to Seek Help

While erectile dysfunction is sometimes just a temporary issue, it's often not. Early treatments can help alleviate some of the embarrassment and pain that dealing with this on a long-term basis can cause. Low-T treatments can help a man who is experiencing erectile dysfunction because of hormone issues. 

Express Your Satisfaction with Alternate Options 

A guy who has erectile dysfunction may fear that their lover may want to be with another man who isn't dealing with this issue. He may even feel guilty for not being able to have sex. Reassure your partner that you still want only them and also express your pleasure with alternatives to intercourse. Explain how you are happy to still experience sexual things with him without the physical act of sex. Letting your partner know that you are experiencing pleasure and fulfillment from alternatives to sex can take some of the pressure off him. 

Finally, as you support your partner in this struggle, try to be patient. He may not be ready to seek treatment right away. Express your opinion and needs, yet also leave room for your partner to deal with the problem at their own pace. Positive reinforcement goes a long way to helping a mate deal with a subject that's as sensitive as erectile dysfunction.

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