Why Incorporate A Pre-Shift Warm Up Program Into Your Workplace?

Doctors recommend that people stretch and warm up before any exercise routine. You may warm up at the gym, but if you have a physical job, then the gym isn't the only place where you exercise your body. People who stand on their feet all day and need to walk and manipulate physical objects should take the time to warm up as well. If you would like to keep yourself and your employees in better physical condition, you can utilize a pre-shift warm up program at your company. Here are a few benefits of a pre-shift warm up program:

1. Improve employee morale. 

Exercise releases endorphins, which make people feel more happy and content. A pre-shift warm up program includes some calisthenics that will get your employees' blood pumping. Calisthenics are a series of quick exercises which require no special equipment, and they can release endorphins. Happy employees are more likely to enjoy their jobs, and increased job satisfaction can lead to better employee retention and customer service.

2. Keep employees flexible.

When people are sedentary for a prolonged period of time, their muscle fibers tense up. Shortened muscle fibers are less flexible, which can result in stiffness or pain. Flexibility is important for daily health. People who are more flexible have a greater range of motion, which can help when performing various tasks at work. Pre-shit warm up programs include stretches, which allow a person to lengthen their muscle fibers to increase flexibility.

3. Prevent injuries.

Experts recommend that people warm up before running, lifting weights, or participating in other physical activities because warming up helps prevent injuries. When you're sedentary, your muscles are cold, which makes them more prone to strain if you suddenly start doing vigorous physical activity. Warm ups get your muscles used to increased activity slowly. A combination of walking, stretching, and calisthenics can get you and your employees ready for the day.

4. Reduce sick days.

Regular exercise strengthens the immune system. By getting your employees to participate in a warm up routine before their shift begins, you'll make sure they get some extra exercise. This can help keep them healthy, resulting in fewer missed days of work. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, which can save your company money.

Incorporate a pre-shift warm up program in your workday. It can lead to happier, healthier employees and fewer injuries. You can purchase pre-made programs from companies that specialize in workplace fitness, so you don't have to concern yourself with building an effective warm up routine on your own.

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