Do You Need An ADHD Evaluation? What You Need To Know

If you have struggled with periods of inattentiveness or hyperactivity, you may want to consider having an ADHD evaluation. There is no single way to diagnose ADHD. The first step is to undergo an evaluation to see which treatments would benefit you most. It can be a long process initially, but it is worth the time and effort to get a proper diagnosis. Here are some things you need to know:

Do You Need an ADHD Evaluation?

ADHD is different for everyone and affects each person in a unique way. There are several symptoms for both adults and children. You may have some or all of the symptoms, which can disrupt your daily life.

Some common ADHD symptoms include inconsistent job performance, the inability to manage your daily responsibilities, chronic stress, fear of failure, relationship problems, the inability to complete tasks, forgetting important things, and a history of underachievement.

Who Provides ADHD Evaluations?

Once you decide you want to have an ADHD evaluation, the next step is finding a professional to conduct the evaluation. There are several different providers who can perform ADHD evaluations. This includes psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, social workers, licensed counselors, and licensed therapists.

How Do You Prepare for an ADHD Evaluation?

It is normal to feel scared or nervous before your ADHD evaluation. You might have some vulnerabilities when you discuss your symptoms with someone you do not know. However, you need to be honest to get the most accurate diagnosis. You do not have to bring anything in particular to your evaluation, but it is helpful if you have a list of your symptoms or other documents to support the onset of your symptoms.

What Happens at an ADHD Evaluation?

Each ADHD evaluation will be different for everyone, and different providers have different methods. The most important part of any evaluation is the diagnostic interview in which the provider asks you about your symptoms. They will also ask about your medical history, your family, and any psychiatric episodes you may have experienced. In addition, your provider may ask to speak to other people in your life, such as family members or close friends. The goal is to learn more about any symptoms they may have witnessed. If you do not want this to be part of your evaluation, you can simply decline the request.

Getting treatment for ADHD can be life-changing. If you are experiencing any symptoms, be sure to seek help right away.   

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