Understanding Local Antibiotic Treatment Vs. Traditional Antibiotics For Dental Care

Oral health is incredibly important, but it is also easy to overlook. Unless you are experiencing pain or other glaring symptoms, you may think your mouth is healthy and happy. However, there are many problems that can arise when you neglect your oral health. If you haven't taken care of your teeth and you believe you may have gum disease, keep reading.

What Are Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are medications that help your body's natural ability to fight infections caused by bacteria (they are not able to fight fungi or viruses). They are not always needed for bacterial infections. Some medications kill the bacteria germs, but others prevent them from multiplying.

Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection in the gums, so antibiotics are a great way to treat the condition. However, antibiotics don't just fight the bacteria that cause gum disease; they affect the whole body, including the good bacteria in your body, which often leads to diarrhea. For this reason, dentists prefer a more direct approach to gum disease and antibiotics.

What Is a Local Antibiotic for Dental Care?

Rather than giving you an oral prescription, the dentist may apply antibiotics directly to the gums. This local antibiotic may come in the form of special chips. The chips of antibiotic medicine are usually inserted directly into the pockets caused by gum disease. This gives them direct access to the gum infection.

As the gum infection heals, the gums should experience less irritation, which helps shrink the pockets. The smaller the pockets, the lower the risk of food and other particles getting trapped. These trapped particles in pockets are notorious for causing gum irritation and infection.

You can talk to your dentist about local antibiotics for your gum disease at any stage of treatment. If the gum disease is mild, you may be given an antibiotic mouth rinse to use at home for a short period of time. In extreme cases, you may need surgical procedures after the infection has healed to fully repair the gums.

Gum disease is a common problem, especially among older Americans. However, it is preventable and treatable. You may need antibiotics to fight the infection, and local antibiotics are a great choice to aggressively fight the infection without interfering with the rest of the bacteria in your body. If you would like to know more, or if you're ready to schedule treatment, contact a dentist in your area today.

For more information on a dental locally applied antibiotic, contact a dentist near you. 

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