Rely On Medicaid Dental To Stay Healthy

Many people who participate in the Medicaid dental program realize that maintaining a healthy dental routine is necessary for their overall health. In fact, your dental health and your overall health often go hand in hand.

If you have not been taking care of your teeth, these are a few reasons you should make sure to take advantage of your Medicaid dental program.

Medicaid Dental Helps You Avoid Oral Infection

An oral infection can be serious. In fact, an infection of the gums can allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream. If you experience a serious gum infection, you could even experience blood clots. You can also experience endocarditis, an infection of your heart that results from bacteria entering the body through your mouth.

Oral infection is also linked to cardiovascular disease in general. Plaque buildup is more serious than you may think, and you need to ensure that you are taking advantage of your Medicaid dental options to avoid stroke, heart attack, and other serious medical issues.

Medicaid Dental Helps You Avoid Pregnancy Complications

Gum disease can also be bad for your pregnancy and labor. Inflamed gums can cause issues for your blood circulation, leading to premature birth in some cases. Dental care is important for everybody, but pregnant people should especially ensure they are using their dental insurance or program.

Medicaid Dental Helps You Avoid Memory Loss

Many people do not realize that the bacteria in the mouth that causes gum infection can also enter the blood and move into the brain. The result is inflammation and potentially even Alzheimer's disease.

Medicaid Dental Helps You Avoid Malnutrition

Finally, you should remember that good dental health means you lose fewer teeth. When you lose teeth, you may be placed on a soft food diet. This means you could face lower immunity and a higher risk of other medical issues.

Medicaid Dental Helps You Avoid Poor Self-Esteem

Poor dental hygiene can lead to poor self-esteem, especially if it comes with dental staining or tooth loss. If you lose your teeth, you could experience poor self-esteem as a result. This can be devastating for one's mental health and be detrimental to physical health as well.

Medicaid Dental Helps You Stay Healthy

As you can see, Medicaid dental programs keep you healthy. It's about more than ensuring your teeth are cleaned twice a year. The program can help you stay healthy in many aspects of your life. Contact a Medicaid dental service for more information. 

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