Different Ways To Give To A Child Cancer Donation Program

If you feel strongly about donating money to individuals in need, then you should think about giving to a child cancer donation program. These programs are often highly effective in securing the resources needed to support ill children. And, there are usually a wide variety of ways that you can provide your support.

Start A Workplace Program

Most cancer programs need a great deal of money each and every year. They offer financial support to patients in need and they provide vacations, wish giving, accommodations, and a wide variety of other services. For this reason, the best support can often be provided through an organizational giving program that you set up through your employer. This can help to not only increase funds but it can provide a more stable monetary gift over a longer period of time.

Speak with your employer and see if they are interested in employee giving where each employee gives the donated amount of money that they feel comfortable with. An employer matching gift can be added to this type of program where the employer gives a percentage or a straight match of the donation that you and your coworkers provide. 

Also, you have the option of setting up a workplace fundraiser. These fundraisers are employer sponsored events that are arranged and hosted by the business to collect money for charity. A few examples of popular fundraisers are marathons, bicycle ride events, auctions, dinners, and ice cream socials. 

Think About Planned Giving

If you can afford it, think about planned giving. This is where you set up a donation on a regular basis to give to a local center or organization. You can simply set up a recurring payment or you can establish a more sophisticated annuity or trust. Putting your money into a financial fund, IRA, or grant is possible as well. The dividends can easily be dispersed to the charity through the financial institution.

You also have the option of giving a portion of your retirement, life insurance policy, or estate to a child cancer donation program. Estate giving is quite common and can be set up through a lawyer and placed in your will. You should make sure that the cancer institute or organization is a long standing one so it will still be in operation at the time of your death. 

There are many more ways to give money to child cancer programs, so discuss your options with a charity organization in your area. 

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