Tips For Feeling More Comfortable And Confident At A Doctor's Appointment

Do you find it hard to go to the doctor? Maybe you feel nervous before your appointment, or perhaps you just feel uncomfortable and out of place the whole time you're in the office. It's hard to get the best medical care when you struggle to be honest with or feel comfortable around your doctor. Here are a few tips you can follow to help ease your mood.

1. Consider seeing a different physician.

If this is a problem that has recently come up since you've been seeing a certain doctor, consider seeing a different doctor instead. Sometimes a certain doctor is just not a good fit for a certain patient; it does not mean there is anything wrong with either of you. Call your insurance company, and ask for a list of other physicians who accept your plan. Look up their profiles, and choose someone who sounds like a good fit for your personality. If a certain doctor sounds like they could be someone you'd like to get a beer with or play cards with, that's the one you want to see.

2. Avoid over-researching before your visit.

While it's nice to be able to look up various medical conditions on the internet, doing too much of this can get you overly worked up and worried. By the time you get to the doctor's office, you may be so nervous about the worst possible diagnosis that you can't focus. Try to avoid over-researching. Put your phone down, and remember you're seeing a real doctor for answers; you can trust them more than you trust the internet.

3. Bring a list of questions.

Sometimes patients get nervous because they're worried they'll forget to say or ask something. Then, their nervousness actually makes them more forgetful! It's an endless cycle. If you bring along a list of questions with you, either on paper or on your phone, you won't have to be worried about forgetting. You can just relax and let the appointment unfold however it does.

4. Bring a friend along.

Your friend does not have to go into the exam room with you unless you want them to. They should, however, wait with you in the waiting room. They can comfort you and ease your worries as you wait for your appointment, and then they can give you a hug when you get out. Knowing you're not alone will make the whole experience better.

Nobody deserves to feel uncomfortable at the doctor's office. If you follow the tips above, this will be a better experience for you. Contact a local doctor's office for more information.

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