A Guide To Getting Shoulder Surgery From A Specialist

Close to 2 million people annually suffer from some sort of repetitive use injury, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This accounts for more than $17 billion in insurance claims. The shoulders are among the body parts very much susceptible to repetitive use, because of their range of motion and the weight that they bear. Whether your shoulder injury came about due to manual labor or some sort of sports injury, surgery is often the best option. Here's what you should know about getting shoulder surgery

See a shoulder surgery specialist to assess your injury and what procedure is needed

To get clear advice on shoulder surgery, you'll need to see a specialist. They'll take x-rays and other medical images and will test your shoulder's range of motion, capability, and pain points. Some of the main kinds of shoulder surgery you'll get include arthroscopic surgery, surgical procedures for a torn labrum, arthritis remedies, surgery for a damaged rotator cuff, and fracture surgery. Many of these surgical procedures involve inserting a tiny camera into your shoulder so that the doctor can look at it in detail, in real-time. 

The Tommy John surgery is one of the most common for athletes of all sports and is named after a baseball pitcher that played professionally for 26 years. As you might imagine, throwing a baseball with the velocity of a major league pitcher for several decades will create serious wear and tear on the shoulder and its joints. 

Assess your treatment and financial options

After your shoulder specialist diagnoses your shoulder problem, start thinking about second opinions, if necessary. There are also several alternative treatments that may be optional depending on how fast a recovery time you need. Reach out to your health insurance company as well so that you know how you'll pay for the surgery. On average, you'll pay about $26,000 on shoulder surgery. 

Plan for shoulder surgery recovery so that it's successful

Show up to surgery the day of the procedure on an empty stomach, well-rested, and with lots of time to rest when you get home. The rehab process from your shoulder surgery is almost as important as the surgery itself. Yoga is an excellent form of rehab, as is pool therapy and good old-fashioned weight training. You can get cryotherapy sessions for $60 to $100 or so that will help with blood flow and healing. 

These tips will help you figure out how to get the shoulder surgery that you need. 

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