Are Old Plaguing Injuries Prenveting You From Hitting Your Running Goals? Talk With a Sports Medicine Therapist Today

When you are trying to train and hit your running goals, but nagging injuries won't let you get ahead, it's time to consider professional treatment. A sports injury medicine therapy professional is one of the best options for treating your injury, and helping you regain the strength that you need.

There could be many reasons why the injury is reoccurring, and ways to treat it properly. You don't want to just get a quick fix, but you want to heal and then prevent the injury from being a problem in the future. Talk with the therapist about these things.

Healing Your Current Pain and Strain

If you have been resting the injured area because you can't use it, the sports injury therapist will do an assessment of your injury and your body. Massage therapy techniques, cupping, needling and other modern techniques for treating injuries may be used to help get rid of the pain and strain you have.

The therapist may suggest these options along with ice, rest, and compression. Ultrasonic therapy and cryogenic chambers may also be options to explore. The therapist may have alignment concerns,

Strengthening the Body and Area of Injury

Once the area is healing, you'll want to work on improving strength to get back to your normal physical condition. The therapist will know how to rehabilitate the injury without straining it or reversing the healing.

This may be low impact at first, and it can take time to do the activities that you used to do before the injury. The sports medicine therapist can work in exercises that are best for you and what your activities are.

Future Injury Prevention

There are a variety of things that you can do to prevent common injuries in the athletic activities you pursue. The sports medicine therapist may recommend the following:

  • Yoga or stretch and flexibility classes
  • Regular weight training
  • Endurance training options
  • Low impact training like swimming or a stationary bike

If you have thoughts that any of these would help you strengthen the entire body and core and prevent further injuries, then get into a class or start a program with your therapist.

Healing properly, building back your strength before attempting to go 100 percent with your runs, and doing what's needed to prevent future injuries can help you be a better athlete. Find the right sports medicine therapist like those at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C. to help with your injuries and so you can start working towards a pain free run.

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