Treating Your Hemorrhoids Without Surgery

Hemorrhoids can be an extremely painful medical problem to have. Unfortunately, patients will often fail to take corrective steps for this problem due to assuming that it can only be corrected by surgery. However, there are some fairly effective hemorrhoid non-surgical treatments that patients can utilize to better manage their chronic hemorrhoids.

Dietary Changes

Dietary changes should be one of the first steps that patients with hemorrhoids should take to treat this condition. In particular, increasing your fiber intake could dramatically reduce the symptoms associated with chronic hemorrhoids. This is due to the fiber helping to push waste through the intestines. Otherwise, it could be possible for this waste to become stuck to the sides of the intestines and colon, which could cause irritation for the hemorrhoids. Drinking plenty of water can also help with these symptoms, as dehydration can severely worsen a person's hemorrhoids by making constipation more likely.

Use Of Creams

There are a number of different creams and salves that patients with hemorrhoids can use to treat this problem. For the vast majority of patients, the hemorrhoid creams that can be purchased over the counter will be effective enough to help them with managing this condition. However, some patients will find that their hemorrhoids are simply too severe to be managed with these products. In this situation, your doctor can issue a prescription-strength hemorrhoid medication that can limit the amount of inflammation and discomfort that the patient experiences. When applying these creams, make sure to thoroughly clean the area first with a damp wipe. Choosing a wipe that uses witch hazel may help with symptom alleviation, as this is a relatively powerful astringent.

Invest In A Hemorrhoid Donut

Sitting can become an extremely unpleasant experience for a person that is suffering from hemorrhoid problems. In addition to causing immediate discomfort, sitting can even make the hemorrhoid worse by putting pressure on it. For individuals that must sit at a desk for much of the day or ride in a car for long periods of time, this can be uncomfortable enough to make it difficult to focus. Using a hemorrhoid donut can reduce the pressure on the hemorrhoid so that you can sit more comfortably while avoiding irritating it. These cushions will be donut-shaped so that the hemorrhoid will not have any weight put on it. These cushions will need to be inflated, and you will want to make sure that you inflate it enough that it can fully support your weight without compressing enough to put pressure or weight on the hemorrhoid.

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