3 Ways Being Overweight Stresses Your Body

Losing weight can take significant stress off of your body that you may not even know that it's under. If you're carrying some extra pounds, consider these three ways that it's stressing your body out.

1. Fat Deposits

One of the problems that your body could be facing right now is the threat of having fat deposits develop in your arteries. This is more common a problem than you might think, and it can lead to issues down the road like developing blocked arteries.

While cholesterol is seen as one of the leading problems leading to blocked arteries, fat plays a role, too. Fat binds together with cholesterol and other substances and ends up lining the arteries, hardening them, and narrowing them. This can increase your chances of needing surgery later in life to place a stent, bypassing the artery blockage.

2. Inflammation

Simply having too much fat in your body can trigger inflammation throughout the body because the fat cells send out a signal indicating that they're under attack when they're not. This creates an inflammatory response with the immune system looking for an invader even when there isn't one. This might not sound like too big of a problem, but inflammation has been linked to a whole score of issues in life, including arthritis and even kidney disease. Chronic inflammation isn't a problem that you want to have, but it might already be happening if you have too much fat in your body.

3. More Blood

Another way that carrying too much weight stresses out your body is that your body needs to develop more blood and utilizes more oxygen as a result. Your bone marrow has to work harder to produce more blood cells than an average person would have, which means that you're also more likely to be anemic.

Consider Joining a Weight Loss Program

Being overweight is a big problem for a lot of people, but getting through it on your own isn't the easiest thing. If you're struggling with losing weight and don't know what to do, consider joining a weight loss program. Weight loss programs typically make it easier by setting a strict guideline on what and when you should eat, as well as usually providing guidance and support in the form of other people who are working towards losing weight too. This is your time to make a change so that you can stop these problems from happening to you.

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