How Physical Examination Services Help Prevent Overexertion Workplace Injuries

Employee injury is a problem that is just as much an issue to the employer as it is to their worker. For example, they need to pay workers' compensation taxes to ensure that the worker gets paid as they recover. However, overexertion caused by an employee who was not physically prepared for their job is a very frustrating experience for the employer but, thankfully, physical examination services can help.

Overexertion Is a Real Workplace Risk

Some workplace injuries are the direct cause of the environment in which a person works or a lack of care by their employer. However, other injuries occur not because of the employer but because of overexertion of the employee. This problem often occurs if the employee works too hard on repetitive tasks, such as typing, or if they lift heavy items over and over again and injure their back.

In many cases, this problem occurs not because the employer was not careful with their employee but because the employee was not in great shape. However, the employee may try to sue for the injury even if they are getting workers' compensation. Therefore, employers should consider physical examination services as a prerequisite for anybody doing tough labor or repetitive tasks in their environment.

How Physical Examinations Help

In jobs where overexertion is likely – including physical labor and heavy typing jobs — physical examinations should be a requirement for employment. These exams will gauge how well a person is prepared for the demands of their job. This gives the employer the chance to understand whether the employee needs special training to avoid injury or extra help to avoid getting exerted too much.

For example, an employer may need to give the employee extra breaks to avoid getting too tired or worn out. They may also need to install specialized items to help them avoid these injuries. In other cases, they may even be able to lead a physical fitness routine that helps the employee remain strong and fit to meet the demands of their position without working too hard.

These pre-employment tests should be repeated throughout a person's time with an employer. For example, a once-yearly assessment may be a good idea for many employers in this position. By keeping tabs on their employees' health and physical strength, they can prevent injury and avoid the kinds of complications that this situation triggers in their many workers.

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