What Can Spinal Rehabilitation Centers Offer You?

Spine rehabilitation is much more than just a superficial treatment of back pain. In reality, rehabilitation is the goal of most patients who are suffering from full or partial disability due to spinal issues. Instead of treating the superficial, rehab works to help improve several different aspects of a patient's life. These include the physical, emotional, and mental condition they may be in. This is accomplished through several different mediums such as:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists work with individuals to help them be as independent as possible in their unique circumstances. Following a spinal injury, it can sometimes be scary on several different levels to even attempt to take care of yourself. These therapists work to give their patients the skills to cope with their new situations, as well as their physical abilities. Spinal injuries are a lot to deal with, and it can be very challenging. Some individuals may even need behavioral therapy to overcome their challenges.

Strength Training

Following spinal injuries, the body undergoes many challenges. Atrophy in the legs is a very real problem that many people experience. People who have spinal issues but are still ambulatory need to work diligently to keep their legs working as well as possible. Keeping remaining nerve connections as alert and alive as possible is accomplished only through active and intentional strength training, which should be done under the direct supervision of professionals. Many spinal rehabilitation centers have physical therapists, aides, and devices that allow their patients to strength train in a safe manner. 

Energy Stimulation

Energy or electronic stimulation is a promising relatively field of spinal rehabilitation that takes place when electrodes placed on the skin allow electrical currents to pass through the muscles of the affected areas. This stimulation often helps the body to regain the use of body systems surrounding these muscles, such as bowel and bladder control. Scientists think this is happening because the energy used mimics electrical impulses from the brain. Energy stimulation may be able to help individuals improve or maintain their muscle function following a spinal cord injury, and should be attempted when the circumstances allow it. 

In conclusion, injuries that were once thought of as permanent have now been improved greatly with spinal rehabilitation. If you have suffered a spinal injury and are searching for answers, you should contact a spinal injury rehabilitation center near you. You may be amazed by the results you achieve.

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