Four Reasons Why Testosterone Levels Fall and How to Correct the Problem

Testosterone is the leading male hormone responsible for everything from secondary male sex characteristics to sexual drive and energy. A lot of things can affect your testosterone levels, many of which can be helped by seeing your doctor and/or visiting a testosterone medical center. Here are some things that can affect your testosterone levels and how to correct the problem. 


You have likely heard about that mid-life crisis everyone hints at. Yes, that is the point in which you begin to notice a sharp decline or spike in your interest in sex because you are having erection problems. Either way, the real problem is age. The female body goes through menopause, but the male body goes through what the European doctors sometimes call "testopause." It is a drop-off in the production of testosterone, and it is completely normal. However, if you do not like how you are currently feeling as a result, you can take hormone replacement therapy pills to artificially increase your testosterone production. 


Men who are heavier than they should be for their frames suffer from hormonal fluctuations. The pituitary gland is affected by a system of hormones trapped in the extra layers of fat, and in turn, causes the other hormones in the body and the other endocrine glands to produce and misfire their hormones. This sends your body's entire endocrine system completely out of whack. This is most noticeable in men who are heavy and develop gynecomastia, or breasts where their chest muscles should be. Losing the weight restores balance to the endocrine system, but that may be easier for some than for others. 

Cancer Treatments

If you are going through chemo and radiation, both can impact your body's ability to regulate a number of systems, including the production of testosterone. If your cancer was in your testes, bladder, prostate, or rectum, then the direct chemotherapy can kill the production of testosterone within a few treatments. It may return at a later date, unless you had to have your testes removed due to cancer. The solution here is to go through your treatments, enter remission, and take supplements that can help, or if you have your testes removed, start hormone replacement therapy. 

Illegal Use of Steroids

Bodybuilding, boxing, martial arts, and arm wrestling competitors frequently use steroids. These illegal substances used and abused over time can cause irreparable damage to your testicles. Since your testicles are responsible for producing testosterone, dips in your levels occur with the illegal use of steroids. If you are using steroids, stop. Seek medical help and hopefully, you can reverse mild damage if things have not gone too far. 

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